Homoeopathy for Halitosis

Offenssive smell from the mouth is a typical problem in the day to day medical practice.It mainly influences those who join others very carefully. Foul-smelling breath is discovered generally by the buddies & relative or times individual himself feel it and also concern the doctor.Many badbreathers create clinical depression which compels them to be far from the society which in turn hinders their activities.

The healthy protein in the food debris are deteriorated by the anaerobic germs existing in the mouth.Offenssive smell is produced due to launch of some gases like hydrogen sulphide, skatol ect because of bacterial activity.Formation of a thin sticky membrane on the tongue favoures bacterial growth.Bactrera are also seen in the crypts of tonsils, tooth decays, dental pockets ect.Bad breath is connected with oral hygiene, cavities, gingivitis, tonsillitis, tonsillar plaques, food practices, water intake, cigarette eating, stomach and liver diseases and ect.

Homoeopathy is a system of medicine introduced by a german doctor Dr Samuel Hahnemann.Homoeopathy treats the unhealthy individual as a whole rather than dealing with infected parts or organs.The physical, mental, psychological, social rounds of a person is considered for an irreversible cure.This system thinks that the diseases are triggered due to the derangement of important force which is an undetectable power in every individual.In a healthy state the crucial force maintains the stability of mind body and also soul.During this guy will have regular experiences and functions.When the crucial force gets impacted there will be outside manifestations in the type of indications and also symptoms.The imbalance in the body functions makes a shelter for forign microorganisms(bacteria, viruses, fungis, protozoa ect) and also allow them to multiply & produce so called diseases.Homoeopathy believes thet the genuine desease comes prior to the microorganisms & viruses, for this reason the source of the condition has to be treated for a permenent cure.The antibacterial and antiviral representatives only remove the second causes stated above.

Conditions are created by toxic morbific representatives called Miasms which are dynamic impacts which impact the crucial force.There are mostly 3 miasms PSORA, SYPHILIS&SYCOSIS. These three reasons are approved by various other colleges of medicine however called by different names. Psora triggers functional disruptions, syphilis trigger architectural changes in the form of destructions and sycosis causes adjustments in the type of overgrowth.These three miasms can act separately or in consolidated form generating different illness problems.

To deal with foul-smelling breath with homoeopathic medicine is very easy if right remedy in ideal dose is offered. In the homoeopathic clinical repertory by Dr Robin Murphy there are 140 homoeopathic medications mentioned for bad breath.So simply providing one medicine for foul breath may not give good result.To pertained to a proper remedial medical diagnosis we should have the symptomatology of the person.It is the total symptoms of an individual that includes mental generals, physical generals, specific symptoms ect.Bad breath is taken into consideration as a physical basic symptom.Eventhough it comes just from a part of the body it impacts the whole person.

Signs associated with appetite, thirst, bowels ect are included in physical generals.
All signs and symptoms (psychological & physical)of the individual is taken in detail.Knowledge regarding previous illneses, family background of illness, food & digestive tract habits, relationship to weather adjustments and also constitution ect are written in a methodical order.